I love you!

I am pleasd to let you know I have found a woman through your website. She is called Liudmila ( uganra is her email name )... We have met 2 times in Moscow ( November and December/January ) and we are currently trying to submit a visa application for her to come to see me in Scotland.
Thanks for the use of your site and I hope you continue to provide the opportunity for many more people to "find" each other... :-)
Please remove me from the database :-)
Kind regards


June 17, 2011

Many months ago, I saw your web site and joined simply because you have an office not too far from my home. Shortly after joining, I began to communicate with a nice young lady from Russia.
After five months of wonderful e-mail and time on the phone (over 90 hours on the phone, so far), I visited her in Russia. Before meeting in person, we were not sure if we would really love each other, although we really enjoyed our correspondence.
When I arrived in St. Petersburg airport and exited customs and immigration control, I saw her standing there in front of me. I will never forget it all my life. It was like two long-time best friends meeting again. I fell in love with her instantly, and less than 10 minutes later, I knew she was my one and only. The next day I spoke with her parents. That night, I got down on one knee and proposed. After a dramatic pause, she accepted with delight! Then, I presented her a beautiful ring, which I had been hiding. You can imagine her gleeful reaction! Thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ for her and to you for your service.
PS. Next year, she should arrive from Russia. Perhaps, we will visit you in person.

Jule 28,2011

I wish to take this opportunity to add this feedback to your website. I wasnt really looking for women on this site but I happen to see a beautiful woman here and actually had the same disability that I do. For some strange reason that I cant explain I was strongly drawn to this woman. This was in May of 06 if I remember correctly. Well, we started talking together eventhough we were so far apart. She was Lithuanian and I was from the U.S.. I believe that it was love at first sight for me but it took me a while until she knew I was serious. We have been talking for 1 1/2 years now and we are so deeply in love with each other that I will never find a more perfect woman for me. She is beautiful inside and out. I went to Lithuania in September of 06 to meet her. We had the greatest time together and I have another trip coming up in December 06 to spend Christmas together. We plan to have a life together cause we cant stand to be away from each other now. I have never met anyone that I love more than her. She has captured my heart and soul. My life changed completely due to this website and I thank you for letting me meet the woman of my life. I hope other people can follow us to have and hold the person of their dream. We do not have a disability when we are together. All we have is true and faithful love for each other. We plan to spend the rest of our life together. This is a fairytale come true for us. Thank you again for your website.

Aug 16, 2006

I hope to coninue to use this site I do have a recomendation though in the profile segment that aske for your "desees" I think it should say disability it may bebecause of a translation problem but to me desees is like HIV or Cancer. DISABILITY on the other hand is a birth defect or Accedent like car crash that leaves you un able to do what you could before. im sorry about my spelling im dislexic but i hope you understand and think about changing desees to disability. thank you